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Products I Love

There are some products that I can credit for my transformation, and some that I discovered to help me maintain it. Here are a few products that I adore and highly recommend:

The App that Made Me Love Running: Zombies, Run! Fitness Game (iPhone, Android, Windows phone)
The App that Keeps Me Motivated, Social Network Style: Fitocracy (web and mobile apps)
The App that Got Me to Run a 5K:'s Couch to 5K Program (iPhone, Android)
The App that Got Me to Run a 10K:'s 5K to 10K Program (iPhone, Android)
The App that is Getting Me to Run a Half Marathon: 21K Runner (iOS devices)

My Shoes (Perfect for the Supinator): Brooks Glycerin 10
My Favorite Hot Weather Gear: UnderArmour ColdBlack. This gear is unbelievable, and amazingly really works! It deflects the sun's rays so you stay cool running on hot, sunny days.
My Safety Net: RoadID. It is much better to be safe than sorry, and RoadID has saved the lives of hundreds of people who have had some sort of accident or emergency while running or cycling. Several models cost less than $20, and the investment in your safety and well-being is well worth it! I wear the Wrist ID Slim.

Food & Drink
My Water: Sobe Lifewater Zero, the first drink with Truvia that doesn't taste totally disgusting
My Miracle Hydrator: Nuun hydration tablets. I heard about these from people I follow on Twitter and the hype is real. I didn't know what being hydrated on a run was until I started drinking Nuun. My favorite flavor is Tri-Berry.
My Protein Drink: Muscle Milk Light (I prefer Chocolate)
My Energy Gels: Clif Shot Bloks (Strawberry is my favorite)
My Everything: ENERGYbits (see review here)

Hungry Girl: Any of her books are fabulous. Hungry Girl is fantastic and she's a wonderful healthy recipe source. Sign up for her daily emails for great recipe ideas and swaps every day!
Runner's World: I pore through every issue of this magazine like no other. Tricks of the trade, product reviews, and human interest stories. It's got it all. Their website also shows articles from past issues for free, and includes recipes and community boards.
Women's Running: Another great running resource, and goes one step further by being just for women! Really great for the recipes and female motivation.

Social Clubs
So it's not a product, but it's something that I've enjoyed: Oak Park Runners Club. I joined the club after moving to the area -- it's one of the oldest and most active running clubs in the country, and is a great social outlet for runners! If you have a running club in your area, I highly recommend joining one!
CARA: The Chicago Area Runners Association. If you live in Chicagoland, you must join this association! Discounts on race registrations, apparel, and physical therapy with NovaCare, weekly newsletters and tips, and social events!

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